Animated videos

Video Explainers goes through a very simple and easy process like 1 2 3. Our dedicated team members invest their time and countless efforts on explainer video process so that they can deliver the best video to you.

Every second counts when it comes to converting viewers to buyers

The seconds are really important when it comes to website visitor engagement. Most visitors leave sites in just a few seconds, so you have precious little time to grab the attention of any prospects. Our animated explainers are a tried and trusted way of quickly engaging with your visitors.

Our animated explainers are fun, informative and easy to sit back and watch. We write up a fun script, add some cheerful music and pop in the lively animation to form a really cool, engaging and high converting sales tool for your business. You can also use them for presentations as a fun way of telling your company story and blowing your competitors boring Powerpoint presentation out of the water.

We have the technical expertise and marketing know how, to produce an animated marketing video. We have worked on all animation styles ranging from whiteboard videos to explainer videos.

Our process includes researching our consumer’s taste and perceptions and our marketing expertise has always given us a competitive edge in catering to our clients’ needs.